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As I have been saying all along, the mods only have themselves to blame for the way the Harbor turned out. While I'll admit, sure the Harbor has always been spammy, that's just how the forum worked, it was spam but not rediculous spam. The mods didn't do anything, progerssivly (is that the right spelling? Oh well you know what I mean) the spam got worse and worse and worse until in the end it was out of control. Now the mods are complaining about the amount of spam in the harbor. Maybe if they did their job to begin with then there wouldn't be this problem. Maybe if they pointed out "the unnecesarry" spam to begin with people wouldn't be in such a bad mood.

While I'm the first to admit, there have been a few times I've spammed, it's been no different to what I used to do, but suddenly there was a problem with it. Maybe if the mods had pointed it out from the start, instead of allowing me and others to post spam, then suddenly decide it was spam and close it, I wouldn't have had a problem.

Besides, I thought the harbor was "off topic" And while some people might see some topics as spam, others might actually see it as something worthwhile.

In conclusion, Neil, NiKo and GB122 for mods.

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