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Yeah, okay, but the whole idea was to answer them in humerous ways. I'll start to get the ball moving.

1. They like repetition.
2. That or Ted, I always liked Ted (or was he Bill?)
3. Trinity didn't trust Neo in the Matrix, who knows what he could do and how fast he could do it.
4. Because that's just boring! Get witht the program.
5. No, they're just useless albinos.
6. You had this, but not at my age you didn't. BURN!
7. Actually, at the beginnig, he was just being sick, babies do that you know.
8. For the insurance money.
9. That's no fun now is it?
10. Gamma radiation.
11. You arrived at the cinema 15 minutes early.
12. He didn't, he just didn't have the time to walk al the way to shore, so he stayed underwater and made friends with a flounder fish and a crab.
13. No, that's too frightning for children, this is Disney by the way.
14. Yes, but no one notices, she's already so skinny.
15. By making the queue legnth at least four times as long as the ride of not more.
16. As long as the elvis, which is actually longer than one would think.
17. No, 2 Fast 2 Furious, but we stay off our phone whilst on the wheel.
18. They might get it wrong and destroy skynet, or even worse, their favorite robot strip joint.
19. They didn't know Arnie could be outwitted by a waitress.
20. With teh help of their dog sco-, oh wait, never mind.
21. By finding sites on the internet created by six year olds with degree in advanced physics and thermopd dynamics.
22. No, he keeps chocolate bars in there and they'd just come from a weight watchers meeting.
23. The first thing she could find that wouldn't show off her breasts in a maximum security prison.
24. It would have just ended the film to quickly.
25. She'd missed that episode, this was a recording.
26. It sudeenly found that nobody wanted it and died.
27. Billy Bob thornton, don't think he has no control over her anymore.
28. To find houses people were killed in and sell them off.
29. yeah, but then we would have never gotten rid of jean grey.
30. Nope, useless, he has to wear those stupid glasses and everything.
31. he's been afraid of basements ever since his childhood when he went down to his basement to find his mother... shacked up with his father.
32. The SFX budget wouldn't streatch that far.
33. The lavvy, well what did you espect?

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