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What fun!

(all of wildjedi's 8 or so characters pipe up at the same time in an impossibly confused bit of noise, causing wildjedi to run screaming around the room trying to make them all shut up.)

Dang! That's the only problem with having so many. I knew I shouldn't get that involved.

Caitlin: And to think it all started with me.

Alyssa: Shut up, girl! I was in his stories before you even existed.

Caitlin: I showed up here first.

Alyssa: As if it matters.

Erica: Quit hammering my master!!!

Alyssa: Oh, the cute little girl decided to join us. I'm older than you too.

Ethan: I'm the newest here!!

Teri: No, Dad. You introduced me.

Brittany: What's going on here?

Melissa: Does it matter? It seems to be a big mess.

Rebecca: It does matter! They're all vying for the position of best, I think.

Brittany smirks: And you're not joining?

Rebecca: HEY! That's rude.
(Rebecca kicks Brittany, knocking her flat on her back)

wildjedi: See what I mean? There's no peace in my brain. They do this all day and all night.

all characters: SHUT UP!!!

(wildjedi runs screaming from the computer)

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