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In the SWCCG by Decipher, there was a "bad feeling" card with Yoda on it. The title of the card was "Bad Feeling Have I

When did Obi Wan say it? TPM?
I know Anakin said it in AOTC in the battle arena:

*Anakin in AOTC
*Luke in ANH
*Leia in ANH Trash compactor(Or was it Han?)
*Chewbacca in ESB ()
*C-3PO in ROTJ
*I can't remember too well right now, but I think Lando said it too.

Other people who could say it:
*Jar Jar - just before he's brutally hacked into orange goo.
*George Lucas - only if Episode 3 sucks.
*Count Dooku - Just before the Ents storm the tower of Isengaard.....oh wait a second.....
*Mace Windu - Slightly different "You've got a bad feeling about me mutha @#%ker!!!" (Sam Jackson is so cool.)

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