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Originally posted by Natty
**Welcome back topics. Should they be closed or not? Personally I don't care either way.

I like to think of the "Off-Topic" forums as akin to a friendly neighborhood bar, where old friends like to get together and shoot-the-**** and pass the time.
Well, I personally find it unbelivable that if you were sitting in a tavern in your home town, and someone you were once very close to and whom you haven't seen for years suddenly and unexpectedly walked in, that anyone would really have a problem with you acknowledging him or her.
Same thing if one of your group of friends then announced that they had just signed up for a 5-year stint in the Marines and was shipping out in the morning. Who would have a problem with everyone saying "goodbye" to that person?

Granted, you don't want to start a new thread every time somebody didn't post for 48 hours, or is going upstate for the long weekend,.. but for people who have been gone (or are leaving) for several months or longer deserve to be recognized.

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