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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

As a side note, I think all your arguments would hold up better if you would stop saying things like "The XWAer's this", the "Aresener's that", this discussion reads like a bloody social studies project. Calling each other names, such as trolls, Nazis, spanktard....whatever. Please be civil eh? If you are all as mature as you say you are, why do you fail to demonstrate it?
Oh, c'mon. This whole thing IS a damn social studies project. I mean seriously, step back and look at it for a moment. This all came of merging a bunch of different communities into one, all of which hate each other's posting style, with a bit of outsiders coming in to shoot their own mouths off. Just replace "communities" with "countries" or "tribes", and "posting style" with "religion" or "culture" and bingo! Social Studies project in the bag.

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