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Lightbulb What will he run into next?

Ladies and gentlemen let's welcome the first ultra-semi-uber-annual Runnie Awards!

That's right, the Runnie Awards.

Here's the concept....technically, it's not an "awards game".
As you all know, I've been known to sporadically stip naked and run away crying, which normally follows with a loud crack as my naked self slams against the wall.

That one wall is my enemy. My arch foe. But an arch foe always has minions. And those minions are chosen by YOU!

So, let's get right to it. You guys post over the course of seven days (more or less) and name objects youd like to see me run into (while I'm sobbing nude)

I choose the most interesting and hysterical one, and I (randomly and unexpectedly) do this untill the next award show. I know it's not a brilliant idea...but why the heck not?


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