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yeah but he usually is, he wants the challenge.. and i dont see it, hes been bumming about beating me, whether or not he is a noob is irrelevant, if he wanst to fight i was here, well anyways if u want to avoid noobness stay away from the ap clan server, never going there again, i killed some guy with his saber off, because we were in a fight and he switched it off, anyways he complaines, and so begins the great lamer hunt *insert chase music here* just early the noobs complain about grip kick, but as they were chasing me, one guy would grip the other throw his saber at me, eventually i got tired of there boast of "owning me" so a guy challenges me to a duel, i say yes and we go fight on the pad, i beat him once, twice, and he still calls me a noob, just cant admit someone could beat him...well the excuses ranged from spamming blue, when i was actually using yellow style, others included changing saber styles in game and telling me to fu** off which he had binded btw, and all this different stuff which made no sense to me. Im getting pretty bored of getting called a noob cause he cant beat me, so he challenges me to a duel again, this time he wins by spamming blue, fed up with hypocrites like him i leave. Usually i have no problem with spam but if i am accused of doing it, then he has to use it to beat me....well you can see why id be annoyed.

Aye your ma.
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