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"Uh, yes we can find you. In fact, I sense that you are aboard the Star Destroyer looming over the cantina, preparing to destroy us with one devastating weapon of mass destruction, which is blocking out the sun! And I can tell that because you're right behind me!"

*Turns on his lightsaber and the saber comes out the other end of Death Lord's groin, then turns around to see him fall to the ground.*

*Recalls a quote from Wednesday's Futurama and perfectly, in his best Bubble Gum Tate impersonation, as well points to Death Lord's limping body, recites that said quote, but makes it singular, instead of plural.*

"You are a fool of the highest calibur!!!!!!"

ROFL! (and I was only making a joke about that stuff, just to let you know.)

"My name's not 'Adam We'........or is it????"
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