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Can't you read properly Carl? I never said the escapemi'ers were hostile or unwelcoming, I said the exact opposite. Next time before you try and insult me, at least look at what I've written before reading a few words and then pretend you think you know what I said when infact you don't. I said and I'll put it in bold so you can actually see it and it stands out for you. I'm thinking you need glasses. I could always start a fundraiser.

No, the people have always welcomed new people, take a look around, there's been plenty of newbies who have came along since the merge which everyone has welcomed with open arms. It's trolls like you who never have anything nice to say about other people and mods who close down basically everything that make the harbor an uninviting place for everyone else.

Basically, you're a troll Carl, so anything you have to say isn't worth taking on board because you're only here to cause arguments and put people down. Do you lead that much of a boring life that you have to be a sad little twat to people on a forum? That's not the Australian way.

And what is a spunktard? Is that some new way of saying "My name is Carl and I should have been swallowed while I was still a sperm because I lead a boring life and no one likes me which is why I post on a forum being a complete prick and troll to everyone"

Darth Groovy- in response to my comment about maybe if the mods did their job in the first place, I basically meant that if there was spam right from the very start when all the boards merged, they should have done something way back then, instead of waiting 6months later or however long it was when the spam got out of control. That's why I think a lot of people seem to be confused as to why topics that weren't closed in the past are now suddenly being closed, it's not fair. If those topics were seen as spam in the beginning, they shouldn't have been closed. I think the best and recent example is the "Hi I'm Back" threads. Why were 3 allowed to remain open, but one got closed? That's all I'm trying to say. It's not fair.

Hopefully whatever Neil has been working on will be fair and even to everyone, the mods, the posters and whoever else. I'm not sure what exactly is going on, it's between the mods, but I do feel that the posters have a right to say on the matters or the changes, of course that's just me, whatever is decided hopefully it will be fair on everyone.

Das, I read part of your post but my head started hurting I'm sure when my head stops hurting I'll be able to read it properly. I'm amazed I've gotten this far after about 5hours sleep...

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