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Exclamation Multiplayer, No-one Joins me!!???

Hello all.....

I've had Outcast not long after it was released. However, i've made some alterations to my pc since and have only just reinstalled it after about a year or so. I have downloaded all the latest stuff, to 1.4.
I've also installed a lot of new maps and models including the "Enhancers Mod" from the site.

Now for some reasone when i try to setup a multiplayer server no-one joins. I've waited for a quite a while, and still no-one. I'm not sure why. My settings are as follows:

Pure Server = Yes
Auto download = Yes
Dedicated Server = No (when i have this to YES it goes to desktop and shows the console for JKII.
Max Players = 5 (all set to human)
Min Players= 0 (if set to higher then adds bots)
Password = none pass set

Now what am i doing wrong?

Can anyone tell me?

I'd be greatful if i could arrange with someone to meet up at a time on the net and play on my server, to try and find it using the search. Thanks...
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