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Originally posted by traj
thank god you banned him...he was typing in *gasp* CAPITAL LETTERS...EGADS!!!

and please let me know if I have offended the mods in any way at all by stating my opinion on this matter with the use of a few capitalized words...

itchy trigger finger around here I guess...

and what exactly was the point of typing:


you are now banned...

if he's banned, how can he read it?

Don't believe for a moment you're so naive.

People don't get banned around here for using the CAPS LOCK. They get banned for spamming up forums and insulting other members, particularly if they have already been warned for these things, as you well know.

The 'announcement' to those who were banned was for the benefit of the other forum members, so they knew action had been taken, and the reasons why.

You know the forum rules. If you don't, I suggest you go and read them now. If you post in a thread, you're expected to contribute to the topic being discussed.

And as this thread has pretty much run it's course and become a flypaper for spammers, it's now officially closed.
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