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i know!!!!!

hello there my name is jordan im new.I read your problem so i thought i should awnser.Anyways heres how i did it i went through those monsters things and i was like YIKES when i saw those things so i made a run for the grenades and when i got them i ran back to the acid pool and i pulled out the cold grenade and aimed at the pool and made a cutscene and when you do that stuff you walk up and you will see the starmap and one of the stones will hold stuff (including a dark side lightsaber) and when you go back, the woman and the old man lol will be standing right there at the acid pool.when you go to them you have to make a choise ether kill the woman or kill the man and if you kill the woman she betrays you so get ready.oh and if you are wondering what happens if you choose the mans side i dont really know what happens when you choose him. i hope you are happy.

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