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Unhappy Help? Stuck in level Docking Bay

Hi, I've been playing Jedi Knight II since last month. It's been a fun and frustrating experience for me, unlike Dark Forces I. I'm nearly halfway in the Docking Bay level (where I'm supposed to find Galak's Doomgiver ship) and came across a room that which I can shut off the light and supposedly sneak across to the other door in the room. But I keep getting "spotted" in the dark and I get "intruder alert" end-level (and get my Kyle probed by a probing droid in the Imperial cell. Oh, poor Leia, I know how you felt!)

I went this "shut-off-light-sneak through" part of the level several times and I keep getting caught! How the heck do I get across in the dark, reach the door and not wreak havoc before the officer hit the alert button?!

I'm a newbie and this is my first such request for a little help on this.

You know at the beginning of the Cairn levels, Luke Skywalker was around to help Kyle before he went somewhere else. I kept asking, "Where the hell is Luke Skywalker through the whole mad ordeal of the Cairn levels?!"

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