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(you took that BumpBumpMM! thing in a sick way? weirdo... )

...a huge ass vortex opened out of now-where.

"WTFF!?!" Ernil and Guy exclaimed.

"It's time. Come on, lovebirds, you might as well get in the car." Orca said calmly.

So they got in the car and drove into the vortex.

Guy shook his head "this is the worst trip i've ever been on."

The vortex was going thru a worm hole, or a tunnel, so Orca turned around and faced them.

"Remember, Ernil, when you gave me the strawberry shake and i asked if this was the fifties? Well, I wasn't rambling. I'm from the year 2101."

Ernil started in shock "Why...why are you taking us to the future?"

Orca took out a ciggie and lit it. After she took a drag, she started to explain:

"Two agents, Andy and Roy, have been sent to the past to kill me. It was my mission to find you. You see, guys, tonite was the night you doom all mankind."

"What?!" both exclaimed.

"You see, boys, tonight would be the night you two would meet and become friends and eventually make a B-movie that really, really sucked called "Attack of the 40 ft Uterer*". It would be remade in 2004, causing mass sucicide all over the world because the remake will be so bad it will cause people to take thier own lives rather then live another second in a world that has a terribly acted, hideously sucking remake. The cyborgs were able to take over when the number of humans dramaticly decreased. "

She took another drag. "That is why i have to keep you from ever making that movie..."

Ernil asked "Is that a "funny" cigarette you're smokin' there?"

" It's tabacco, and i am compeltly sane and sober, and so are you two."Orca frowned.

Guy suddenly realized something "Hey, if we are kept from making that movie, won't you dissapear?"

Orca screamed "****!!!!!"

and then...

Ernil was dearly working at the counter, waiting for a costumer, when another boy walked in. They got into a conversation, and relized they both liked polka, movies, uterers, and wild animal sex.

They decided to make a movie and...

*a uterer is the thing that connects the kidney to the bladder. there are brain movies...why not uterer movies?
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