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Originally posted by Katarn07
Vintage Indy Photos Sorry I couldn't get a head on shot, but there is a table to the immediate right so that's the most I could pull off

12" Indys. The Indy as a German and two Professor Henry Jones Srs are customs. The Indy in normal outfit is the relic hunter.

Disney Indys! With the schwatztica on the German's crate and it being Disney, I have a feeling it may be retired and be super rare Well, not for you Taters, but it'd be cool for me
very nice, i like the way they are displayed, simple, but cool.

btw, nice sig pic.

and that 12" sean connery brings one thign to mind,"rough! just the way your mother likes it trebeck! har hahaha har!"

AC/DC *excellent *
And you! I just plain don't like you!
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