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mods here are lame

another forum with 14 yr old mods that have god complexes. awww how cute. you dont have any conversation in your forum or population..ya know why? you lock, edit or ban anyone or anything interesting.

yeah i know your excuses, but please admit the truth you dont want to admit this games in shambles, just turn the other cheek and pretend all is ok.

Well for one you cant ban anyone with a shred of a clue..but you do great at locking and editing do such a service to this lame, boring and dead forum.

so anyway you freaking no minded fools.ban me all you want cause im not really interested in coming back

as long as you know, jan. That you are nothing just a little tard that gets a semi when he locks thread..moron.

"Ill ban you IP next" lol your an idiot

SOE has closed the forum to the public! bahaha talk about weak.
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