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hey its you again.

1. like DMUK said: you posted over and over again same info. that is called spamming (read the rules)

2. also like DMUK said... there was no discussion possible with the info you provided in that thread. again spamming (read the rules)

3. yu got a temp ban because all of the above..... yet you came back at us... thats another rule broken... you got another ban....

4. yet again you come back and bad mouth at us ....... wich really does nothing to me cause i didnt ban you .... and call us 14 year old you know whats..... hmmmm jan... nope.. deft... nope... me? nope.. we are all over 20 here (suggest you read the bio's before saying something )

5. you called jan a name... now jan is overall a REALY nice guy.. you cant get him mad at all.... i tried believe me . but when you call him names for something where you made the mistake.... not a right choice.

sorry pall.

Now im not going to ban you at all.... ill leave that up to jan himself but read this carefully and you would understand our reasons. closed

have a good day

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