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name: rick ulo



race: humon

description:rick was a compationit traveler who seemed to get in lots of fights when he was travelling he was told he waas force sensitive by a mystirious jedi who quickly left. he be came a jedi and really didnt have any friends he had an old greatly modified repeating blasster that his fathher gave him when he left his home .

ships: one he fond deep into the desserts of tanttooine he could not match it to any other ship hed seen ,swoop

droids: old asault droid he bought in tantooine

weapons:automatic light reapiting blaster ,lightsaber with bluish greenish crstal and the handle has krayt leather around it ,wide arrange of tiny diferent knive sized lightsaber

pets: has a shy gizka that stays in hs ship

mommmy say im to old to play star wars... thats why i hate her
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