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Re: mods here are lame

Originally posted by badfish515
another forum with 14 yr old mods that have god complexes. awww how cute. you dont have any conversation in your forum or population..ya know why? you lock, edit or ban anyone or anything interesting.
Clearly you haven't been around here for too long.
The entire forum since it was created is still here. You're welcome to go back to the very first thread that was ever made on these forums whenever you want and start looking thru them to see how they got edited and locked and whatever. I'm sure you will see why they were.
Originally posted by badfish515
yeah i know your excuses, but please admit the truth you dont want to admit this games in shambles, just turn the other cheek and pretend all is ok.
I personally can't see it. I experience minimum hassle with the game. I have recently experienced that it quits on me more frequently, but nothing bad yet. Also that my computer reboots, but that's not the game's fault. I know it's something else. (I should really check for viruses again, I think my anti virus program has missed something cause this sound like a blaster thing or SoBig.F deal )
However, I only locked your thread because it was a re-run of a previous thread you made that got locked by Deft, so I figured he would lock this one aswell. So blame him. (j/k Deft. )
Originally posted by badfish515
Well for one you cant ban anyone with a shred of a clue..but you do great at locking and editing do such a service to this lame, boring and dead forum.
Again, take a look at why those threads were locked, and why the last person got banned, not once, but twice. he made a total of 8 posts on those 2 accounts, and 7 of them were re-runs (also known as spam) aswell as being .
Originally posted by badfish515
so anyway you freaking no minded fools.ban me all you want cause im not really interested in coming back
If you're not interested in comming back, then banning you would be a waste of energy and time, wouldn't it.
Originally posted by badfish515
as long as you know, jan. That you are nothing just a little tard that gets a semi when he locks thread..moron.
Actually, I don't like banning people. Too much hassle wasting my time on banning the person, paperwork, cleaning up, aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
But somebody got to do it.
Originally posted by badfish515
"Ill ban you IP next" lol your an idiot
Why do you care about that comment, unless ... it concerns you?!?
Wow, you're not gohan113, are you?
If so then that would be the 3rd time you have broken one of the few universal rules here at the LucasArts Fan Network: 1 account per person.
You agreed that you have read and understood this when you registered, if you are wondering where that says so.

Oh, and let's move this to where it belongs.


Read the rules!

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