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Exclamation Game Folder and various other errors

Hi gang!
New to the whole JK series.. but will be here from now on.
I received Academy today.. started the game up and went to multi, and there was not a server to be found.. LOL.. thats the first time I've ever seen that! Anyway.. came back later and found a few.. one I could actually participate in, Sithblister something-or-other.. The other servers giving me the same message as McCartney had.. and a couple others, like "unpure files" and such. Believe me, I'm running the game straight out of the box. So.. thinking I was already behind the curve, I set out looking for patches and updates. Not surprisingly, I found nothing. So.. these servers that a "straight from factory/on release date" game can't connect to are bogus servers? Thats good to know! I'm sure in less than a week's time there will be more servers than one could shake a sabre at!
Thank You Raven for calming my anxiety on the server issues!
I have recommended Academy to my clan (an AvP2 clan) as an expansion title.
We are looking forward to some friendly gaming sessions with you all !

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