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My Skin Textures

Ok since the other thread I had started was a mixed thread of Gifs, pics, and skins it didn't make it here. I thought I got my own thread for filling it with any topic I wanted

just j/k

Anyway I took on the task of creating various textures for the players choice models - specifically the jedi_tf model. I of course have no idea how to make them work in a game yet or if you can add player choice skins to the existing models. Just in case not I created the model_ skin file too.

I made a little help page to reflect what I have done so far.

Players Choice Skin Help

I made 4 skins for this model and added some players choice skins as well. In the model viewer they all work great but I'm sure there's more to it. Besides the obvious they are not in pk3 format and there's no model icons in the zip files.

I hope someone finds these skins useful. There is a list here of what I have so far. There's over 30 in mostly standard glm models.

Index page

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