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Death tracker as well as kill tracker?

I've been thinking for a long time, "You know, the people with the highest scores on most servers are often the people that die the most, too."

Does anyone else notice this? Maybe this isn't the case all the time, but I've seen it more than enough times to wonder why Jedi Outcast doesn't track an individual's deaths as well as their kills.

I mean, I've seen this strategy a lot. Big group of players all hacking at each other randomly, suddenly some guy jumps right into the middle with a slow, powerful swing. He's pretty much garaunteed at least one kill, but he's also pretty much dead within a couple moments. He does that enough, he's got like 20 kills, and since he was killed by a different person almost every time, no one else has quite as high a kill count.

People just don't try to keep themselves alive in this game. I mean, why should they? There's no penalty for dying, and it's a lot easier to rack up the kills when you don't fear getting cleaved yourself. Of course, that means it takes less skill as well.

I don't complain when I see it happen. I mean, that is how the game is. There's no penalty for dying, so why should people worry? I just think it would be more fun, and add more strategy to the game if there were.

Anyone agree?

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