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major up,

Okay, the game is out now and everyone and their mother is disapointed that there are no more player models. Well, post your best design here for the mod community to see! Maybe someone will pick up on your idea and run with it!

Now my past suggestions were quite cool, but here's a skin (not the head so much although that will come eventually I'm sure) that I really want.

Episode III Anakin:

"but bright and flashy clothes look really out of place with a jedi holding a lightsabre, it doesnt fit the genre at all...contemperizing star wars just looks tacky at best."

PS: HAHAHA! I was right anyway! There were tons of flashy Jedi clothes INCLUDED in the game. So all that said that Jedi would ONLY wear robes and stuff were WRONG!

Who sucks now?
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