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My general request is cut down on the bright playschool colors. Real jedi and sith, IMO, should go with muted colors... Conservative, cold, clinical, professional (like business suits... FBI, lawyers, matrix, equilibrium, blade, xmen movies, etc).

I'd like stuff in grey shades, all white, or dark grey and black.

Capes are great in movies and still shots but are bad in this context for two huge reasons:

1) You practically need a super computer to properly model cape movement so that it looks realistic. You have to model gravity, air resistance, material weight, material flexibility, body movement, body collision... it's insane just to get a cape to look RIGHT. Needless to say, the Quake 3 engine isn't quite equipped for that sort of thing.

2) Real melee combatants would never wear capes in battle because they'd always get in the way, cause you to trip or slip, tangle up your arms, etc.

Note that at the beginning of the Duel of Fates, they took that dramatic timeout to carefuly place their silly floppy garments to the side before moving on to the administration-of-pain phase of the battle.

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