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What is with you!? Mods! I made these two topics, and they got deleted! WHY?! I mean, I think I deleted them myself. In fact, I'm pretty sure I pressed, "EDIT" and then clicked "I AM SURE I WANT TO DELETE THIS THREAD" and then I read that it was going to delete it, and I clicked, "OKAY". Twice. But, I mean, still! Dudes, what is with that. Why are they gone?! This is terrible, terrible moderating.

And why was my EUUUU game deleted?! I mean, that just made so much sense. I say EU, you say AH, and then we make a bunch of words beginning with seghalsghre and then form a new word with the first letters of two words from that sentence, randomly picked by giant poisonous HYPERSNAKES. These are from outer space. but STILL! That game was productive, and you deleted it!

So, in conclusion, I would like to know why I deleted two threads but I am blaming you and you deleted my worthless, trash thread. I will laugh in a sarcastic manner also.

You might recognise me.
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