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Originally posted by StormHammer
No, that's not correct. Jedi Academy takes place about 10 years after the Battle of Endor (a year or two after the Jedi Academy is established by Luke Skywalker in The Jedi Academy Trilogy of novels). The NJO EU stuff is something like 25 years after ANH (or about 20+ years after the Battle of Endor) if I'm not mistaken.
doh, i thought the NJO basically encompassed everything after the the jedi academy was established. but i hope i was able to get my point across.

i have a sketch i posted on here a loooooong while back for a character i had hoped to model/skin. gotta find it ... i think it'll fit in well (AND i gotta hone my modeling skills and find that free time that keeps eluding me ).
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