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Most needed info

Hi so much to cover so lets start at the first part and work our way down. Linksys Router if you have other brands it will be close but you must interpet the diferance as I use a Linksys Router as well. here we go. Go to the Advancced Tab then to Forwarding this is Port Forwarding put a name in the Customized Applications I put JK3 this info only so it does not do any thing by its self. Next under EXT.PORT add 28069 to 29071 you could just put 29069 to 29071 this allows 3 ports open the first one allows JK2 and JK3 ports open you use the one that works best for you. Then check the Protocal UDP this is the Protocal that JK3 use's add IP Address of your game server must be static IP so the IP address does not change. In windows must set a IP address manule no dhcp to put the IP address on the server only you can still use the Service for your workstations just not this server. Now push the Apply button you done on the Router part. Hop this helps if you stiil have issues test the server by hooking it straght up too the modem let it genarate a IP address or if on DSL put in the IP address given you to test and find out if the ISP is alowing you to run this service on the Cable or DSL line, some Cable and DSL companys are restricting this from happening. I think all broadband clients should be alowed to uses there lines as they like but that is getting off the subject.

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