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Good info. As for the second portion of ports, I would strongly suggest that you do not use a field from 28069 to 29071 UDP. You will essentially open 1003 ports. Better idea would be to create two seperate forwards. JK2 would be 28060 thru 28071 and JK3 would be 29060 thru 29071. At least that's only 22 ports rather than just over a thousand.

Also, doesn't it say on the web page of Lucas Arts that 28070 thru 28081 need to be inclusive (both UDP and TCP)?

I think the Lucas Art support page is incorrect, they state ports in the 28k range for JK3 but the text screen shows the ports to be in the 29k range.

Also, do you play on your dedicated server with the same machine or with another machine?
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