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And Now for Something Completely Similar...

Funny thing happened the other day. You see, I was walking along my street corner, heading towards my school, when I saw this odd piece of paper, you see. Well, I picked this up and realized something quite odd about it...

...I couldn't really put my finger on it, of course. However, once I squinted and sorta tilted my head I found the source of what was bothering me. It's too horrible to mention, of course. I can't even THINK about it without....without....

*starts to cry*

....without wanting

*gets naked*

...and....and....going for a... (I think you all see where this is going)

*runs away naked and crying, with a really nasty paper cut*

*sprints past the wall*

*jumps over the manhole*

*dodges the ornery alligator statue*

*runs straight into a gigantic mob of boney, prepubescent girls that are residing in a tub of jello...*

That'sright, ladies and gents! Not only am I very sticky at the moment, but NiKo AND Ernil (was it Ernil? oh who gives a darn!) have won the first tri-weekly-bi-monthly-annaully-day-by-day Runnie Awards! Yeeehaw! I will be running into strange packs of boney, prebuscent girls residing in gelatenous cubs/spheres/tubs untill I see fit.


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