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ChangKhan[RAVEN]: I was just about to post a tutorial myself...but you beat me to it. But now that you're here, could you answer a couple of questions for me?

Question 1: I made a saber claw (see showcase forum) with 3 blades and set 2 of them to a different color from the first, but the bladeColor doesn't seem to work. I noticed a note in the saber.sab file about setting saberColor will set all blades to the same color, but I have entered saberColor2 and saberColor 3 as distinct colors, but each time I select my custom saber, the blades are all the same color.

Second question: How can one make such sabers that aren't going to be exploited as damage cheats? I mean....8 blades of maximum radius? All one has to do is have all 8 blades sticking out all over the place in variable distances from the point of standard blade 1 origin to do insane amounts of damage. Please comment on these 'extreme edits'; like preventing force powers too...some users are concerned about unbalanced gameplay.

P.S. I'm finishing the claw reguardless; The models look cool with a pair glowing claws coming from each hand.

P.S.#2 Maybe I'll write a tutorial anyway and post it quickly...that way mr raven programmer guy can kick back after all the hard work. Seriously though, is there a need for a Raven programmer to write a tutorial when the mod community is capable of such things? You gave us all we needed to know in the saber.sab file.

as for imyourfather: Take a chill pill man. The only messages I've read from you involve telling people where their messages belong. This thread does belong here because it's a general editing question. If it were, "how do I make a JA lightsaber using gmax?" or something more specific to either modelling or skinning then I could see a need to move it. There is no JA general question area, so here seems a logical choice for such a question.

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