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Originally posted by Tesla
So in the custom options when picking Tw'liek the color options for the skin are basically the same as the color options for say Human Male clothes, or can are they different, if they are can we change the skin color of a Human Male to bright Red ?
They're different for each model - they're defined in the playerchoice.txt in each model's directory (the existance of that file, btw, is what tells the game that that model is a customizable player model that you should be able to choose from in the character model customization menu).

You cannot tint the skin color of any race other than the Twilek (unless you want to mess with the skin files for the other models and make the skin tintable rather than the clothes, using the Twilek as an example). You *can* also just paint a new skin for the other models with a different skin tone (or different features altogether, whatever you like).

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