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Originally posted by Flashblade
I get an error message when I try that!

Warning: Menus_ActivateByName:Unable to find menu 'charactermenu'
Ah, yes, it seems it doesn't actually work when you're in the level, crap. Guess you have to do it the hard way! :/

EDIT: okay, there is a way to be able to access that menu in-game, but I don't recommend it because it will *always* load that menu when you load a level and, thereby, increase your loading time. But, if you MUST have it, you can do this:

extract the ui.menus.txt and ui/ingame.txt from the .pk3 file into your base folder. Then, open the menus.txt and copy the line with the ui/ reference and paste that into the ingame.txt (before the final "}").

Now you can type this to bring up the character menu in-game:

uimenu charactermenu

Make your selections, then hit next, then go back to the game. You'll notice you still look the same. The game needs to get the new custom look from the menu, to do this, type:

playermodel player

This tells the game to re-initialize the player model from the menu cvars.

Now, again, I don't recommend this - this makes the game load extra stuff when loading a map, but if you *must* have it, go for it...

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