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Originally posted by Flashblade
Ah somebody from Raven. I have got a question. Why didn't you make the staffstyle kicks available for every saber "class" in single player since every npc (Jedi & Sith) can kick being every Saber class! I mean balancing is not really an issue right? I would understand that not everybody gets them in Multi!

Can you tell me how I can enable it for every class in single player?

By the way thx Durocha
Because it balances the sabers.

Because the staff is a short-range weapon.

Because you can't throw the staff.

Because staff style is more acrobatic (like Darth Maul throwing kicks in with ease in Ep. 1).

Because you kick with alt-fire and throw the saber with alt-fire, so we would have had to add another button just for kicking.

You can type "iknowkungfu" to get the "melee" weapon (bare hands) and that lets you punch with primary fire, kick with alt-fire and grab and throw people if you hit both fire buttons at once (the type of throw depends on whether you're pressing forward, backward or neither).

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