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widescreen custom resolution crashes JKA

Just a heads up, setting up a widescreen custom resolution in JKA Multiplayer seems to crash the game. The custom resolution works fine in the single player game, and it works in various other quake 3 engined game as well.

The resolution I'm shooting for is 1680x1050, the default resolution of the Inspiron 8600

the cvars in the JKA MP config file involved :

r_customwidth is set to "1680"
r_customheight is set to "1050"
r_mode is set to "-1"

Using driver 44.82 and 45.28 both crashed in MP executable, but the single player game works fine with a custom resolution and a wider FOV.

And yes I'm aware of the ramifications of using a wide FOV and a widescreen laptop. But this game is truely droolworthy seeing it on a widescreen display.
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