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Several new questions

Hi serveral new questions hear I will try to answer them. Please if any one finds I have miss stated any info please corect me as I am not perfect. First several people have asked about more than one kind of server. I prefer the dedactaed server with ether windows dedecated server file to run the server or Linux dedecated sever file on a seperat server altogether. You can run the install on a seperat server and pick advaced setting when creating a server in the menu and pick dedecated server and other options this is also the easy way for people that dont like haveing lots of controle to your server setup. If you dont pick the dedecated server option you have a hole diferent kind of server one the doesnt avertise its self to the server comunity this is for people who want to call there frends and say heres my server IP address lets play with out other people knowing we have a server. There are mulitable server types. If you want answers to questions about a server set up I will need to know what your wanting the server to do for you in the end result and what your restrictions are the will reduce your options are. Please if any one can answer questions on Xbox setups go for it as I have no Xbox and have no way of knowing what you will need to do to make a server on a Xbox. My full info on Xbox is it runs on Ethernet the same way as windows so ports it requires need to be opened and a conection to the network suplied by nic card built in or added. Some Xbox systems are wireless as the use gatway that plug into the nic on the Xbox and the Gatway is a Wi Fi unit to conect it to the network. Microsoft is now making its own gatway for this now I say the ad a few days a go other venders make the Gatway as well. Second point to bring up all the dedecated server type's have Issues on crashing servers right now JK3 is in real bad need of a Service Pacth for the dedecated servers as Windows and Linux will both stall in shut down. I am testing the second Linux 1.01 file yo see if it is better ley you know how it goes later. Please if your server well not advertice to the master server with the Info from above you have to choices. Put your server straght on the Modem to test only dont leave it there just test to see if your ISP will let you run a server. Second wait for a update the choice is yours dont endanger your critical information this way Thats why I say only use a computer for this that is not used for any other perpuse. Remember we are only a few days into the new release of the game and the master server is being adjusted as much as we are adjusting our setting for it. Please forgive my spell as I rushed and I am not a great speller in the first place.

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