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HELP & WALKTHROUGH threads if you're stuck...links inside...

Unofficial FAQ (spoilers):


By necessity, for people to identify which level they are stuck on, some spoiler material has been included here to assist you.

You will find listed here some links to existing Help threads, and a couple of Walkthroughs by forum members. Please look in these threads for help, if you are stuck on those levels. If your question/problem is not answered in these threads, then please post it in these threads. If you post a separate thread on a topic that is already available, it WILL BE MERGED with that topic. This saves everyone a lot of time by continuously answering the same queries across multiple threads...


The Official Help Threads


1st Tier

Tatooine 1 (Mos Eisley) = not available yet
Tatooine 2 (Sandcrawler)
Bakura (defuse the bombs)
Blenjeel (Merchant)
Corellia (tram)

Hoth (2 levels)

2nd Tier

Nar Kreeta (Rancor)
Zonju V (swoop bikes)
Kril'Dor (Wedge + Gas platform)
Coruscant (Assassin Droids)
Dosuun (Captured)

Vjun (3 levels) (Vader's Castle - plus fight Rosh)

3rd Tier

Chandrila (Jedi Tomb)Tanaab (Mutant Rancor)
Yalara (noghri) = not yet available
Byss (Star Destroyer) = not yet available
Ord Mantell (Boba Fett) = not yet available

Taspir III (2 levels) (Force Path choice)
Korriban (2 levels)
How to defeat the End Boss

The Walkthrough threads

Bakura (defuse bombs)

Tanaab (mutant Rancor)

As more Walkthroughs become available, I'll post them in here. Keep in mind these are made by forum members, and may have missed a few points which interest you. If you think a walkthrough is incomplete - post further details in that particular topic. Thanks.

Secrets threads

For those who are trying to find all of the secrets in each level, here are some threads to help you out.

Nar Kreeta Secrets (3)
Coruscant Secrets (1)
Kril'Dor Secrets (2)

Thanks to txa1265 for the secrets threads.

As more are made, more will be added.
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