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Adding Bots

Hi I have been asked for the info of adding Bots to a server. in yor server.cfg file add set bot_enable 1 then add the line set bot_minplayers x the disired amount of bots. The bots will go away as human players come into the server. The bots with this setting are random and the level of play is random as well. For the server admin that likes controle this is the set up you want.
In the server.cfg file have the line.

exec botfile.cfg

in the botfile.cfg have this.

seta bot_enable "1"
seta bot_minplayers "x" // x is where the amount of bots you need in the game.
seta bot_nochat "0" // 0 turn chat on 1 turns chat off.
seta bot_fastchat "1" // 1 on 0 off.
seta bot_challenge "1"
seta bot_groundonly "1"
seta bot_thinktime "100"

//this add's the bot's
addbot Reborn 3 RED 0 Reborn
addbot Luke 3 BLUE 0 Luke
// the name of the bots well vary must use the corect name or the bot well not be in the game. 3 is for the level you want the bot to attack at. Red or Blue is the team color you want the bot on. 0 is the Ping level you want the bot to work at Have fun with bots now.

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