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I know the playermodel can be used to select either componants for a custom character or one of the NPCs as the model for the player. But I am wondering what the best way is to use a custom model as the player.

The only way I see to do it so far is to create a .npc file containing information about the model, desired lightsaber, and so on. Is using the playermodel command this way the best way to use a custom model for the player?

I am also wondering about getting different lightsaber stances. In JO, simply setting the saber offense to 3 was enough to get the blue, yellow, and red stances. This doesn't seem to be the case in JA. I am not sure how the settings in the .npc file affect the lightsaber abilities of the character. How can I set the game up so I can use certain lightsaber stances? For example, a player that can use blue, yellow, and red?

Finally, it seems that using playermodel <NPC> gives the character the abilities of the NPC selected. Is this solely based on the .npc file? What would I have to do so that I can only use the model and not any abilities of the npc?

Thanks for any help
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