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Originally posted by ChangKhan[RAVEN]
They should be in base/ui

I haven't tried this with the retail version, just our local build here that we develop with... perhaps it doesn't work with .pk3 files? Maybe it's reading the .pk3 version of the ingame.txt instead of the one you extracted? Where is it located and what are it's contents (after you edited it)?
Yay I got it working so I will tell now how it works because it is the only way to change your appearance on the fly and to know what will be the end result. ChangKhan the .pk3 files was the needed advice. Sure it reads the ingame.txt from assets1.pk3. So I followed your manual put the line about charactermenu in ingame.txt and put the edited version into assets1.pk3. Now you can open the Charactermenu with "uimenu charactermenu" in the console. Change your appearance there and exit means use BACK button or press escape. DO NOT CONTINUE TO THE SABERMENU IT WILL SCREW UP YOUR STANCE AND STYLE. When I entered that menu and left than I had staffstyle with one single saber and only yellow and red stance. After you left the menu immediately type playermodel player in the console. Do not run or jump around since the information of your appearance change WILL be lost!

Thats it have fun with that, the possibility really makes sense when you go the dark path since it allows you to change your appearance to look more Dark Jedi (Twilek is perfect. There is a set of all dark clothes)!

Thx ChangKhan for giving me the right idea

Oh one more thing. Since you said you would not advice to do that because load times increase. On my system (Athlon 2000MHz, 500MB DDR RAM) I couldn't note that the load time significantly increases. The impact on the load times must be near zero (at least for me)!
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