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not seeing all available servers?

this particular question doesn't seem to be answered in the server thread above:

does anyone else experience the phenomena where you KNOW a given server exists and is up, and yet you don't see it when you get a new server list?

for example, when i try to play with my buddy who lives across town, we'll often be on the phone with each other refreshing our lists, but we don't see all the same servers. it gets really annoying when one of us joins a server that the other can't see. in order to play together, one of us has to manually connect by IP (granted, this isn't a big deal, but it is sort of annoying).

it seems like the master server is doing some secret filtering of the list before it sends it out, but based on what variables? why is it that two guys, with essentially identical systems (and ISPs) who live less than 3 miles from each other, can't get the same damn list from the master server? and the related question (or perhaps the same question reworded), why is the master server opting to exclude perfectly good servers from the list that it sends me?

is there some config setting somewhere that tells the JA master server to cut the crap and send me EVERY DAMN THING it has? i don't like the idea that i'm only seeing some fraction of all available servers, especially since it takes me some damn long to find either a non-full server or a server that isn't doing the "Invalid Game Folder" nonsense.

any info would be appreciated!
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