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Grade-A Newbiage-ness

Yay for new people. I suck at the introductions, and I don't even know if you need to make a 'hi, I'm new' thread, but, ya know, whatever. My username would be Talya, but please call me sunday. I'm *gasp* a Star wars/LEC fan person, I'm sixteen now, I can drive, I have a fascination with drawing skeletons, and I promise I don't type 'liek tihs, omgogmgomggogmg, kthxbainewb' < --- That in itself should make most of you like me. No, I'm not twelve, no I'm not ditzy, no, I don't do ^^ smilies. I like MI, and Grim Fandango among LucasArts games, and I've been web-designing for nine years (I'm in a partial retirement phase as of late).

So yeah, bow down and worship me.

Well, okay, you don't have to, but please give me slack if I do use the jawa smiley on occasion for no apparent reason.


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