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Originally posted by Psynex
That's because either the skin file doesn't point to correct directory, the skin is missing from the correct directory, or you didn't import the .skin file in MD3View before making it a GLM. The skin file must point to \models\weapons2\my_saber\ directory and imported to MD3View to work. You will get an error in MD3View, but the skin file will be tied to the mesh correctly and tell it where the texture is.

Aaron Halcyon: I don't agree with your method because it replaces existing sabers. You should create your own .sab files so your custom sabers can be added to the list of existing sabers. You can even just make saber mods of the sabers that are already there without providing a new mesh. Just make a .sab file and set a whole bunch of different attributes and give it a new name.
hmmmm .. do you mean NeoAnalysis by chance?
If so, you'll find that i use existing files only as templates. When saved i instruct that they should be "saved as : NEW NAME.sab" in the example i posted you'll see that single_1 was used as a template and then saved as single_10. If i simply replaced an existing .sab, then there'd be no reason to edit
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