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Exclamation What you need to know about SKILLS and FEATS.

There are two things that along with abilities decide what happens to your character. They are SKILLS and FEATS. Here is a thread for you to post your questions about skills and feats, but first I will provide a definition of each. Please DO NOT POST until I have finished! Thank you.

Getting SKILLS- Deel Surool, a scoundrel, can walk quitely up to a door, put his ear to it, and hear a battle droid commader barking orders to it's troops. If Vor'en Kurn, a soldier, were to try the same thing, he'd probably make some much noise that the battle droids would hear him. He, however, could set an explosive to blow out the door and incapacitate the droids behind it. These actions and many more are determined by skills that characters have.
At each level you get 4, 6, or 8 skill points that you use to buy skills. (Yout Int. modifier adds to this number. Humans get 1 extra skill point at each level above 1st.) A first level character gets 4 times this number. (Humans get 4 extra skill points at 1st level.)


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