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Just for anyone else who is interested in what I found...

Originally posted by Prime
I know the playermodel can be used to select either componants for a custom character or one of the NPCs as the model for the player. But I am wondering what the best way is to use a custom model as the player.

The only way I see to do it so far is to create a .npc file containing information about the model, desired lightsaber, and so on. Is using the playermodel command this way the best way to use a custom model for the player?
So far, this is the only way I've found to add a new character model so that it is usable to replace Jaden. It is simple enough though...

Originally posted by Prime
I am also wondering about getting different lightsaber stances. In JO, simply setting the saber offense to 3 was enough to get the blue, yellow, and red stances. This doesn't seem to be the case in JA. I am not sure how the settings in the .npc file affect the lightsaber abilities of the character. How can I set the game up so I can use certain lightsaber stances? For example, a player that can use blue, yellow, and red?
It seems that there is a saberstype parameter in the .npc entry that can be used to set available saberstyles. Looking through entries for other models, it seems you can set this value up to 7 (could be more). I wanted the player to have blue, yellow and red stances, so I put:

saberstyle 1 // blue
saberstyle 2 // yellow
saberstyle 3 // red

I haven't tried the other values to see what they are, but presumably they are the other stances used by the Reborn and so on. I'm not sure yet if there is a limit for how many different stances a player has.

Originally posted by Prime
Finally, it seems that using playermodel <NPC> gives the character the abilities of the NPC selected. Is this solely based on the .npc file? What would I have to do so that I can only use the model and not any abilities of the npc?
It appears that any parameters that are not set in the .npc entry for that model use whatever the settings were at the time the model was switched.

Hope that helps somebody
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