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Im actually in danger of losing this oppurtunity to get it.

The place I saw it at was in a shopping centre at another town that I can only visit on mondays because thats when I walk up to the college thats next to it (I go to it every monday afternoon and I walk up to it from school) and before my class starts I go looking around in the shopping centre.

So anyway I dont have any money with me and I see Dark Forces there for a fiver and so I decide to save up for it. Luckily I just went on a school trip today and therefore I went and got some money out of my bank account a few days ago. I didnt spend much (never got the chance) and so I thought "Heres my ticket to getting it". Unfortunately it just happens to be a school holiday on friday and monday and that also means no college. I had realised that when I had got back to school (from the trip) I could've gone to the shop and bought the game (because the bus had stopped near the college and because I didnt buy anything from said trip) and I told that to my teacher (he had played DF before) but thankfully before I said it was DF I quickly said Wing Commander 3 (because I saw that as well) and hoped he wouldnt catch on.

If Im lucky, it'll still be there but 10 days is a bit of a long wait.

By the way It looks like theres a neat argument starting off between you two. Keep up the good work }:¬)
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