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Lateral Thinking

This game is based on a similar game posted by Darth Eggplant a looong time ago. These are Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Puzzles that have clues in the question/statement that conclude to the answer, but can you spot them? Let's see...

Mister Dodson, billionare founder of the Penultimate Poem Plant, was found poisoned in his chair.

The only people in the house at the time were Mike Roberts, Steve Ritchell, Berry Stevens, Miss Stone and Keith Wolfgang. Clearly the poison had sapped him of his strength as he didn't alert anyone about his coming demise, but he did leave a cryptic note beside him. After some detective work, it was found that is was actually a clue to the poisoner's identity.

They was a young girl from Rugby
Who, by then, had a Uni degree.
She soon made her mark
On science, but hark,
This tale is just pure fantasye!

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