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PETITION: Server Admin Forum (plus a cvar request or two)

I believe this forum should have a Server Admin board for the discussion of server configurations and issues. Not that long ago, there was a forum for server disucssions (back when MatrixCPA was the man to ask for server setup help). I don't understand why there isn't one now.

I understand there is a stuck thread, but that is weak to say the least. It's never apparent that it's been upated since the thread stays in the same place.

So sign here if you admins want a thread where we can take this stuff (that most players don't give a damn about seeing).


I'm looking for a couple of cvar's that someone may have handy.

Since the search function is down, I would appreciate it if someone could post the full reduced blocking values for the ghoul whatsit and the sabertrace somethingoranother cvars.

Also, I found a server with infinite wall-hang-time. You could jump up and hang on to the wall as long you like. Does anyone know this cvar/value?


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