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Originally posted by laghima
this may be a bit off topic, but has anyone found a way of enableing the saber_sith_sword class in mp? it's easy enough to remove the "notinmp" line from the .sab file, but they still spawn a blade (i'm guessing it's attached to a flash tag they used for the lightning effect). it seems to work well enough in the selection window, but thats probably because the .menu dosent specify gfx (again only a guess )
granted, there's a good chance they hard coded it into sp, but here's hopeing.
Blades are certainly tied to a the event of there being no tag, the blade is emitted from world origin (0,0,0). The blade can still be removed, though I'm unsure how. I found that out at the end of my tutorial. I plan on amending that this weekend as I'm noticing more and more problems with the approach I wrote that with. Importing the saber MD3 was a bad idea; GLM should be decompiled and then imported.

One day while editing, I forgot to follow one of the steps and ended up having a saber hilt with no blade (no matter what color I picked). There was no need to edit all of the saber blade graphics. I can try and recreate that scenario and see if I can get you your answer. .

I don't know why you would need to edit the at all. The saber hilts are displayed on screen as models, not an image as in Jedi Outcast. If the model is missing, you'll see 3 axis in its place in the selection menu...don't follow through on starting a game without a saber model cause it will crash (lesson 2 I learned).

NeoAnalysis and Halcyon: I did mix your names up...sorry about that.

ChangKhan[Raven]: I'm currently at work (mixing business and pleasure) and can't send a copy of my hilt. I can post here how I have entered the attribute:

saberColor blue
saberColor2 red
saberColor3 red

I have noticed something last night that may be the reason why, but didn't get a chance to test it in game yet. I was going by an already extracted saber MD3 that was in the \models\weapons2\saber folder....this model is the cause of many problems. Via your post above and since looking at a decompiled saber_1, I noted my blade tags were improperly named as tag_blade# instead of *blade#. This COULD be the source of my issues. The blades appeared fine reguardless, but the color wouldn't work. I'm guessing it defauted the tags in some fashion.

If this isn't the case however, I can send a copy as soon as I return home.
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