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Let's fast forward a few hours or so....

1. This thread gets closed too.
2. Explanation demanded from user base
3. Darth explains it is because a. you could have PMed him the complaint/question, and b. because my thread should have gone in the games forum
4. I retaliate, saying that my thread wasn't supposed to be a game, and I was teasing everybody, and there was a perfectly good explanation for it, involving large doses of Tim Schafer, and that indeed one of the people making it into a lame thread in the first place was Darth Groovy with retarded "no" posts.
5. All the users stand in a corner, throwing insults at all the mods, standing in the opposite corner. Natty comes on the scene.
6. Everybody gets angry; the mods start a few sarcasticly titled threads.
7. The users get angry for the mods created sarcastic threads, demanding a reason that they shouldn't create such threads.
8. The argument continues for a while.
9 Everybody eventually argues into a tired stupor, and gives up.
10. A stony silence remains between the members, who all silently hate each other, until the next thread is closed. Then rinse and repeat.

Did I capture the life cycle of this forum in ten easy steps, or WHAT???

You might recognise me.
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